Barça players congratulate Messi

Barça players congratulate Messi

👏👏 Papa Leo Messi 👶🔵🔴

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  1. Ojala el chelsea Fc elimine al farcelona. Ojala el barca no pague arbitros como esa vez. El barca es el equipo mas sucio y asqueroso k pueda existir. Real madrid siempre sera campeon

  2. 2011 messi’s wife was pregnant, mascherano leaves Liverpool for barcelona, and barca won champions league and messi won Ballon Dor,
    2015 messi’s wife was pregnant, Suarez left Liverpool for Barcelona, barca won champions league and messi won Ballon Dor,
    2018 messi’s wife is pregnant coutinho leaves Liverpool for barcelona so yual can then know what will happen…????

  3. Hablas por esperiencia es lo que hace tu Equipo y piensas que todos son igual hojala fuera como tu dices , entonces nos saliamos º de la tabla

  4. Ciro trae debajo del brasito, una champions, una copa del rey, una liga,y el sexto balon de oro de su apa leo messi

  5. L.MESSI The heartbeat of millions I am sorry! BILLIONS His name is Lionel Andreas Messi The messiah of football I am sure that he is known to you all And the ‘MESSI ERA’ shall never fall His 360 is unbeatable His stamina unmatchable Whenever he sets his foot on the field The opposition is ready to yield As a child his passion for football would never end When he is on a run to the goal No one can defend Winning Ballon d’or five times He has made himself immortal in billions of minds He is at the top of the Hall Of Fame And the best at his game Messi Messi Messi!!!!!

  6. Bring on Real Madrid and Chelsea and we’ll show them that champions league is fc Barcelona favourite compétition

  7. Chelsea will be swept into the hell of the Camp Nou 3-0 and Lionel Messi will cry for Chelsea fans, who will be banned from next Wednesday’s game

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