Best UEFA Youth League goals

Best UEFA Youth League goals

🔝 goals
🏆 UEFA Youth League
🔜 FCB Masia v Atlético Madrid
📆 13/03 | 6pm CET

F.C. Barcelona Sport


  1. I feel guilty for badmouthing you
    This is your profession
    Make us believe you’re not what we think
    Prove it to us
    Barça are with you, Be strong Man
    Now my full support for you
    #I support Andre Gomez
    We’re not Madridiot that frustrates their off form player
    We’re family
    Once a clue is always a clue
    Forca Barça

  2. Archilouse Fidel build your Masia hayaaa….alafu mtaanza kucomplain mara ooohh….sijui hatuna watu sijui tunauziwa watu pesa mingi

  3. Louis Joakim …O GuelsoNy Quistão queria a base do Barcelona …hahahahahha Esses miúdos ganham o Real Madrid A . hahahahaha

  4. Platinum is the best and the most precious metal in the world. Please share it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Barcelona, you guys should pleeeease get neymar back we realy need him plzzzz. please do whatever is possible to get him.

  6. Lastimosamente se están olvidando de la masía con compras carísimas ( dembele,andre gomez,Jerry mina, ) casi no juegan y sin decir Dennis Suárez, recuerden que la gloria del Barcelona se levantó desde la masía jugadores hechos en casa

  7. The team with and without Leo Messi is just a responsibility away.With Messi, everyone wants to find him but without him everyone realize that when they have to pass to the best option.When Leo plays team doesn’t consider themself responsible and rely on Messi a lot to create but without him they understand themselves better and make better connections Its very necessary for these players to have time without Leo on the field if Barca needs good future after Leo.

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