Coutinho at MIC presentation

<pre>Coutinho at MIC presentation

🗣 Philippe Coutinho discuss # BarçaChelsea and life at Camp Nou …
🗣 Coutinho talks about # BarçaChelsea and life in the Camp Nou …
🗣 Coutinho talks about # BarçaChelsea and life at the Camp Nou …

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  1. Why don’t you guys post Some of the stuff Gomes said today and maybe only maybe make the fans support him! I have been cheering Barca for years and I have never seen so much booing and bullying against a player! People need to stop this. It’s sick. That’s not the kind of things Barca fans would do. It’s unfair to make a player feel ashamed or in hell! It’s like putting the player in a struggle deep down. #SupportAndreGomes

  2. Any good football analyst will testify that Dambele is better than Coutinho but His cruel teammates and Barca manager are trying to kill his talent

  3. God bless Coutinho, Suarez, And Messi! #Amen “God has two answers to your prayers: yes and wait. So never lose hope, take comfort in knowing that there is a right time for everything” – Bible Times

  4. Why is barca management strategically so stupid and buys Griezmann? Barca needs a strong league to survive on the upper toplevel in the long run. a strong league needs at least 3 teams, which are able to compete for the title. If barca takes now the best player of the third team out, they are going to kill la liga. A Barca and Real only La Liga, cannot compete with the premier league on the global tv market, because it is extremely boring. The average audience in spain is allready less then 30.000, with a return to the hegenomy of real and barca it will drop to 20.000,less then italy, france and china. games in empty stadiums are also very difficult to sell. The average attendance of barca is allready very low. Barca fans are allready extremely spoiled. Just games against atleti and madrid are well visited. The rest is just for asian Tourists. The spanish league will raise much less money on the tv-market and this, will weaken the whole spanish league, also Barca in the mid term run.. Thus, in 4 to 5 years spanish clubs will not fight for the chempions anymore. It will be completely dominated by the english teams. Buyin griezman is a shot into barcas own knee. But football spain is not really strategically talented. Otherwise real madrid woud not have won both finals and the last year sem finals, with political, journalistic and referee-support, against atleti. this3 real triumphes against atleti were pure poison for spanish football and the spaniards do not see this, even if it is obvious. La Bundesliga should be a strong warning for spain. Bayern allways baought the best players of the direct competitors. Now they are lonely in germany, and because of missing tv-money hoeness and rumenigge allready admitted that bayern will not be able to compete with the top 5 in europe in the near future. I do not understand this short term thinking.

  5. Barca doesnt need neymar…yes he is talented..but his attitude twrds team mmbr n opposition is not good for team harmony.. just forget about him.. nway he’s the one who force his way out of nou camp.. enough is enough.. we need dedicate player n not drama king.. messi is world best but still he knows how to respect others.

  6. He joined the club and rejected Madrid because he is a Blaugrana! He lacks the ability to provide strength in our attack, but he has the control in the midfield. He lacks the speed to take the ball forward by dodging the defenders, but he got the ability to make some impressive key passes forward.

    Maybe you’re not the best, but you have the passion to contribute the best part of yours to the club. We believe in you André Gomes.

    #WeSupportYouGomes #WeLoveYouAndre

  7. The formation with Dembele and Iniesta is very good, if Iniesta won’t play the last formation can be good for Chelsea, this game will be a hard game, all Barcelona player has to play a great game to beat Chelsea.

  8. ــــــــ ~/ قصـــــــــــــة غاية في الــــــــــــــــــــروعة
    ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــ اغتيال الطاقات..!! ـــــــــــــــــــــــ
    في مدينة صغيرة أعلن مفتشٌ كبيرٌ على المدارس عن قيامه بزيارة للمدرسة الابتدائية , ولكنه بقي واقفا أثناء الطريق بسبب عطلٍ في محرك سيارته
    و بينما كان المفتش يقف حائرا أمام سيارته مرّ تلميذ و شاهد
    الرجل الحائر ، و سأله عما إذا كان في وسعه مساعدته … و في وضعه المتأزم أجاب المفتش : هل تفهم شيئا عن السيارات ؟!
    لم يُطلْ التلميذ الكلام بل أخذ الآداة و اشتغل تحت غطاء المحرك المفتوح
    و طلب من المفتش تشغيل المحرك , فعادت السيارة إلى السير من جديد شكر المفتش التلميذ , و لكنه أراد أن يعرف لماذا لم يكن في المدرسة في هذا الوقت ؟.
    فأجاب الغلام : ….. لمعرفة باقي القصة علق بـ تم وادخل بروفيلي راح تجدها كاملة في اول منشور بصفحتي لاتنسى متابعة اواضافة كصديق ليصلك كل جديد

  9. I feel guilty for badmouthing you
    This is your profession
    Make us believe you’re not what we think
    Prove it to us
    Barça are with you, Be strong Man
    Now my full support for you
    #I support Andre Gomez
    Once a clue is always a clue
    Forca Barça

  10. one thing is for sure ,, all the players Luis Enrique bought are all not Barcelona type of player,, just watch Vidal ,,alcacer,, gomes ,digne, etc these boys should go and create space for talents like Denis and co ,,,I don’t care whether I am being rude ,the fact is he can’t play for barca ,,case close

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