Barcelona advanced in the Champions League with the help of a Messi who made history again

<pre>Barcelona advanced in the Champions League with the help of a Messi who made history again



A double and a assistance from Lionel Messi allowed FC Barcelona to defeat by 3-0 Chelsea in their rematch match in the Champions League, result that gave the pass to the "Catalans" to the quarterfinals of the highest European club competition.

The appointment, which marked the eleventh consecutive advance of the Spanish box to the group of the best eight served the Argentine pointer to enlarge his hisotria, by scoring the goal quickest his career reach the 100 wins in the Champions and break the barrier of the 600 so many in official matches.

A goal to the 129 seconds augured what would be the rest of the process. Luis Suárez cleared the way with a cue and Messi, in spite of not having an angle, drew a diagonal to the first club that mocked the bilge of Thibaut Courtois.

At 20 ', the "Flea" dragged the attention of the defense with an advance in the left lane, and before reaching the area, changed sides for Ousmane Dembélé who with a violent finish extended the advantage.

One of the most approximations clear Chelsea was given before going to rest, with a shot from Marcos Alonso that gave the second post. Once again, at the 89 ', the tubes denied the chance of discount to the Blues.

The goal 601 of Messi reached the 64', after outwitting the English rearguard and surpassing the renovated wall of Courtois with a tunnel

With all the series ready, this Friday 16 will be the draw between the eight best teams in Europe, who will fight again in round-trip keys for the semifinal pass. [19659008].

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