Champions League: Messi and Barcelona eliminate Chelsea

Champions League: Messi and Barcelona eliminate Chelsea


<img src=”” width=”600″ height=”338″ alt=” Messi, goal with dedication including "title =" Messi, goal with dedication included "/>
    Leo Messi makes the usual dedication to his grandmother after scoring a goal to Chelsea.

There was no color. One team was good, but the other had Messi. And that's it.

Barcelona closed their qualifying for the Champions League quarterfinals without problems, beating Chelsea in the hand of the Argentine star. Messi made the first goal, Messi was guilty of the second – which scored Dembelé – and Messi sentenced with the third.

Two minutes of game, with people taking a seat, and and sent the Barcelona . Leo went, cornering almost by the line of door, without angle in front of Courtois, and hoisted the ball under the legs. So, without hardly greeting, one to zero. Chelsea did not know, tried to react taking the ball, getting a little scared, but nothing. Barely a quarter of an hour later, Messi punched his friend Cesc, stole the ball in the center of the field and galloped: was raffling white rivals until a crack saw the arrival of Dembelé. The Frenchman came screeching from the opposite side and his shot was packed into the box .

As soon as Hazard showed rebellion in the first half before the abyss that opened for the whole of Conte, he had left Morata and Pedro on the bench . I would resort to them in the second part, already with all the fish sold. A lack of Marcos Alonso to the stick and little more.

After the restart, a lot of progress: Suarez had the goal but was left with the ball, Chelsea protested an invisible penalty and Messi … the usual: another ball that caught in the race to the edge of the area and throw a greyhound. He came in on the left, shot low and crossed, another cassock of Courtois, 3-0 and subject settled .

There was no hint of reaction from Chelsea and Barcelona stopped the machine. The work was already done another day in dad Messi's office to win the quarters. In the end, the Premier was not so scared


Technical details:

3 – FC Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Sergi Roberto, Piqué, Umtiti, Jordi Alba; Busquets (André Gomes, min.60), Rakitic, Iniesta (Paulinho, min.56); Dembélé (Aleix Vidal, min.66), Suárez and Messi.

0 – Chelsea: Courtois; Moses (Zappacosta, min.66), Azpilicueta, Christensen, Rüdiger, Alonso; Fàbregas, Kanté; Wilian, Giroud (Morata, min.66) and Hazard (Pedro, min.82)

Goals: 1-0, min.2: Messi. 2-0, min.20: Dembélé. 3-0, min.64: Messi.

Referee: Damir Skomina (SVN). He showed yellow card to Sergi Roberto (min.22), Willian (min.45), Giroud (min.50) and Marcos Alonso (min.75).

Incidents: 97.183 spectators gathered in the round of the knockout stages of the Champions played at the Camp Nou. In the box they were among others the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent; the former president of the Generalitat, Artur Mas; and the national coaches of Spain, Julen Lopetegui; from Argentina, Jorge Sampaoli; and of Belgium, Roberto Martínez


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