Lionel Messi: I try to make the team play and not be so selfish

Leo Messi:
The Argentine Lionel Messi star of FC Barcelona and one of the best footballers of today, admitted that he has changed his style of play in recent months and that has led to being “less selfish” on the court”I used to grab the ball and make my play. Today I try to make the team play more the ball goes through more for me, To be so definite or selfish in inverted commas, “Messi explained in an interview with América TV.

In addition, he specified that ” I now try to move the team from another position “. ] “ I run the same as I always did, but in a different way “, added the Barça striker to the mid-20s, who will broadcast the complete interview with the “flea” on Sunday

Messi was a Barcelona figure in Chelsea in the eighth-finals of the Champions League, scoring both the first leg and the second leg elta.

The next challenge for the Catalans in the continental tournament will be against AS Roma.


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