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    Environment at the gates of the Camp Nou stadium after the match between Barcelona and Las Palmas was declared behind closed doors.
     Alejandro García / EFE

Curious iniciativca from an Italian newspaper on the occasion of the elimination between Barça and the Champions League quarter. This is Il Romanista, the newspaper of the fans of the Rome, which, paper and pen in hand have written to the president of Barcelona Bartomeu for request a reduction in the prices of the tickets of the visitor sector of the Camp Nou.

for that they ask the highest leader to put himself in the place of the parents who want to take the party to their children. “90 euros the ticket for the Roma match in Champions?”

“In the hours following the draw the prices of the plane from Rome to Barcelona, ​​which are usually very cheap, also rose those of the hotels, too .In addition to these expenses, a family will have to add 180, 270 or 360 euros to stay in the last ring of the Camp Nou: understand that In this way, supporting a football team becomes a luxury asset that is inaccessible to most fans, “the letter continues.

The newspaper expects Barcelona to consider his request:” ] To demonstrate that it is 'more than a club', we trust and hope that this request will be taken into consideration.


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