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    Gerard Piqué, during his vote in 1-O.

Gerard Piqué goes back to writing in The Players Tribune, his medium of reference and as one who has commented that he wants to create one in Spain, and many of his phrases are not wasted, as it is usual. " If you watch TV in Madrid, they will tell you that I am a traitor and that I want to destroy Spain ", says the central manager of the club about the media of the capital, which also ensures that in the TV "in Madrid" they say that "everyone in Barcelona wants to destroy the country."

Of course, Pique is also critical with the Catalan media . “If you watch television in Barcelona, ​​they'll tell you that everyone in Madrid is trying to oppress people.”

The Barça player also talks about the good atmosphere in the national team, and states that “politics is almost never talked about” in the concentrations.

Yes, he repeated his wish that the Catalan people can be heard. “It's a difficult position for me, personally, because the happiest moment of my life was winning the World Cup with Spain but being Catalan is in my blood . My heritage, my land, and when 80% of people in Catalonia say they want the right to vote, I think they should be heard, if that opinion makes my own countrymen repudiate me … well, I'm calm with that thought, “he admitted.

One of the things that the Barça player reveals is that has a WhatsApp group in which there are Real Madrid and Barça players that he himself created when those of Valverde took an advantage of 8 or 9 points in the League.

“If you only read the media, you will think that we hate each other, but in reality we get along very well, all we do is 'put shit' on each other over Madrid or Barça,” he says. Gerard Piqué

“It's the best group, we're like little children, and the truth is that is a lot of fun for me now, because we're 15 points ahead of Real Madrid in LaLiga. Very creative in the answers, last year, when the Real won everything, they felt very good, they hesitated when I saw them in the national team's training, “he recalled.

” Every time they won a game last season they uploaded pictures without their shirts to Instagram from the dressing room. They smiled and showed their muscles as 'The Rock' and said #HalaMadrid with winning emojis. This season is different, their photos are serious , and I say 'Come on guys, why are you so serious?' accompanied by an emoji smiling or crying with laughter “, he revealed about what he writes in the group he has named 'CONGRATULATIONS'.

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