Messi continues to save Barça 250 million (plus bonus) after

<pre>Messi continues to save Barça 250 million (plus bonus) after


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    Leo Messi enters the field in the Pizjuán.

From the band, while starting his warm-up in the Pizjuán with 1-0, Leo Messi saw how Ter Stegen drew a shot from Escudero, but not the next Muriel, who came stuck to the stick. He followed his own, rushing the exercises, and still had time to see how Muriel himself was indulgent and forgave the 3-0. Just what a striker can not afford. Shortly after, Messi went out to the field to prove it.

The Barça had raised the game against Sevilla without his big star. Flanking Suarez, the coach, Ernesto Valverde, arranged for the two major signings of the course: on the left, Coutinho; on the right, Dembélé. More than 250 million euros in the bands, bonus and Paulinho apart . A failed bet, straightened at the last breath by Messi, as almost always.


Dembélé, suspense; Coutinho, approved

The Frenchman was supported by the effervescence of his last performances: the epiphany of La Rosaleda, the goal against Chelsea and the confirmation against Athletic. Before Sevilla, in the absence of the great boss Messi, he was hardly seen. He was the shy soccer player of his first appearances the disconnected, at times almost invisible. Also the one who demands patience – he is 20 years old –

Coutinho was more alive. He is a mature footballer and participated more in the game, which does not say anything particularly good on a gray day shooting Barça black. Not only the absence of Messi marked the match, but also that of Sergio Busquets . Barça del Pizjuán cost horrors to get the ball out and also suffered from the beautiful in their area, where accumulated lapses. Coutinho took a card from Mercado, released a far right hand without too much danger and left some more flash. Nothing that could decant the game.

In the 57th minute, Dembélé left his place in the field to Messi and Coutinho in a way too, because Valverde sent him to the right. A plan B if it is possible to call it that way to enter Messi.

With Messi everything changed

After the match, the coach explained that the 2-0 he had not forced him to alter the rest of the crack . He had planned to give him minutes in the Pizjuán to rinse his recent inactivity of two weeks (he played neither of the two friendlies with Argentina) and catch pace of competition, with the Champions quarters on the horizon. Even so, the 2-0 made it even more necessary to enter the field.

Everything changed in the final minutes, although it was influenced by the number of chances that Sevilla had wasted, most of them against. However, the 2-0 seemed definitive in a game in which Barca had been dominated, despite having more the ball. Nobody saw the two claws coming in, literally, less than a minute . Only 57 seconds separated the goal of Luis Suárez and the own Messi, mark of the house. As usual. The one of always.

“Messi is decisive in every ball he plays. With Leo all the teams are different “said Valverde, something that Montella coincided with minutes later, sitting on the same chair. “Messi changes the face of any team.” The strange thing, at this point, would have been not to see it coming.


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