Spanish football looks over his shoulder at Europe

<pre>Spanish football looks over his shoulder at Europe


<img src=”” width=”600″ height=”338″ alt=” Ronaldo kisses the eleventh Champions "title =" Ronaldo kisses the eleventh Champions "/>
    The Real Madrid player, Cristiano Ronaldo, kisses the eleventh Champions League achieved by the white club.

In the last four years, the Spanish clubs win the victories in European football competitions. The Real Madrid has conquered the Champions in three of four occasions, the only one in which he has not achieved it, was the Barça in charge of raising the ' orejona ' As for the Europa League, except for the one won by Manchester United last year, the previous three the same Spanish team picked it up: Sevilla FC.

Yes we add the third title given by UEFA, the Supercopa de Europa, it turns out that in eleven of the last twelve photographs of trophy delivery who collects the cup is the captain of a Spanish team. The only intruder is Wayne Rooney.

This is a domain sustained in time, started at the end of the last century. Spain has taken seven of the last twelve Champions, or, if we rewind a little more, ten of the last twenty (six the Madrid, four the Barcelona).

In the Europa League, five of the last eight have been Spanish (two titles of Atletico plus those mentioned in Sevilla) and eight of the last fourteen (adding the first two of Sevilla and one of Valencia).

Precisely the team that currently directs Vincenzo Montella holds the record of the team that has managed to lift the second continental trophy in more consecutive times.

The country with the most European trophies

The domain of Sevilla in this competition is best appreciated by taking as a reference the totality of editions of the Europa League and the old UEFA: only on ten occasions of 46 a Spanish team has lifted it. Half of that decade is in the showcases of Sánchez Pizjuán. The club that has conquered the most times in the world, followed by Juventus, Inter and Liverpool, with three.

Something similar happens with Real Madrid. Spain has a total of 17 Champions League: twelve of them, from 67 disputed editions, can be seen in the Bernabéu museum. It is the team that has won the European Cup more times in a row (old format, with five) and the only team that has won two consecutive Champions League.

The dominance of Spanish clubs in Europe has always existed. In fact, the first final of the history of the Champions that faced teams from the same country was in 2000 between Real Madrid and Valencia. In five occasions in which the final two teams from the same country, three have been Spanish (in addition to the aforementioned, the two recent between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid). You have to go back to 2007 to find a Champions edition in which there was not a Spanish team in the semifinals.

This year, with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla in the Champions quarters and Atlético in the same phase of Europa League, the chances that the story will continue to be written with Spanish teams is paid little, if feasible, in the betting houses.


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