Albert Perrín, former manager of Barça: "Javier Tebas is a convinced Nazi"

<pre>Albert Perrín, former manager of Barça: "Javier Tebas is a convinced Nazi"


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    Albert Perrín, former manager of Barça.

The declarations of Javier Tebas about the final of the Copa del Rey did not sit well in Barcelona, ​​and the toughest with the president of LaLiga was Albert Perrín former director of FC Barcelona. Tebas asked for "the application of Article 155 of the Constitution" in the final to be played in Wanda on April 21 between Barça and Sevilla due to the foreseeable upset That will be produced to the anthem of Spain by a part of the culé fans.

“He is a convinced Nazi, the holocaust fills him with pride and satisfaction . It is a disgusting look”, said Alberto Perrín, who former director of FC Barcelona in the stage of Joan Laporta, in the microphones of the program 'Jugones' of LaSexta.

Perrín insitió in his accusations to Thebes, of which he said that “the PP is very, very left” and that the article 155 “does not say it in jest, it says so which is a façade. Democracy is too far away “·

Complaint from Barça

He has also complained about statements from Tebas the azulgrana club. The spokesman of the FC Barcelona, ​​ Josep Vives, described as “inadmissible and improper” his declarations

“They are inadmissible and improper of someone who has the responsibility to represent a group that groups all the clubs of La Liga, “Vives told Barça TV.

” We at FC Barcelona demand that Mr. Tebas focus on the work he knows how to do: the economic and commercial management of the organization for the benefit of all its members. “ ] that he absolutely refrains from making statements of this nature, which are not of his competence or contribute in any way to generating the best environment in the face of the Copa del Rey final, “affirmed Vives. .

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