Argentina's Lionel Messi returned to be the savior of his team, FC Barcelona, ​​thanks to the three goals against Leganés (3-1), in a match that the Catalans went from more to less, but they closed it by equaling the record of matches without losing.

The Barça victory serves to emphasize his leadership with seven games left to finish the championship and to equal the record without losing in the League, which with 38 parties held the Royal Society since 1980 . In addition, the coach Ernesto Valverde achieved a victory in his official match 50 as coach of the Barca team.

Barcelona had a very comfortable first half, which was the clear dominator of the game and the ball, and was only disturbed by his opponent when the Leganés made aid to overcome the azulgranas in plays by the band, where the actions of those of Valverde used to die.

To the azulgrana box he had to be patient before a Leganés defensive who proposed a very intense clash in the center of the field, where sometimes struggles were fought to achieve possession of the ball.

Apart from some moments in which the Leganés stretched, without danger, The team of Asier Garitano lived preferentially in his field and populating the vicinity of the area to prevent Luis Suárez from exploiting his half-turn or from Messi finding easy walls.

the first clear occasion, the Brazilian Coutinho threw the ball too far and could not manage to handle it when he was only against Cuéllar.

Again the Brazilian midfielder was the protagonist, when in a center in the 13th minute enabled Piqué, who without a mark headed off the ball deflected. In the 17th, Iván Cuéllar was careful to get a mid-range ball shot by Coutinho, and a minute later it was Luis Suárez who tried his luck with another shot, despite Sergi Roberto.

The occasion clearer came from the boots of Messi, who in correct position, despite the protests, served on a plate the goal to Luis Suárez but the shot of the Uruguayan in 20 was taken by a Cuellar that seemed beaten

The Barcelona dominated at pleasure, and although n or overflowed his rival, yes he had it tied, with hardly penalties to take a play to disturb Ter Stegen.

Golazo de Messi

Three minutes from the half hour, Siovas fouled Messi in the front, and after missing a similar shot the Argentine in a previous action, this time the execution of the Catalan crack was accurate, as he sent the ball to the short stick, overcoming the barrier and marking the first goal of the game (1-0) and his sixth foul in the season.

El Leganés gained ground, but in a recovery of Rakitic, the ball went to Coutinho, who printed speed to the action and sent it to Messi, who entered the area and c on the left placed him next to the stick scored his second goal (2-0), and the seventh that he has marked Cuellar. [19659003] The match started to break in the second half, with a less compact Barcelona and no lines so close together. Of it, the Leganés took something of profit, like the two actions in which it was involved Beauvue, that entered in the second act.

In the 49, the French forward had it in an auction of head, which ended up coming out slightly high. A few minutes later, Beauvue again had a choice, when he was about to find a corridor towards Ter Stegen from the center of the field, Vermaelen threw himself on the ground to snatch the ball from him

low intensity azulgrana, the Leganés had it again in the 69 when in a divided ball Piqué was not expedient, the ball fell to Gabriel, who sent satin to El Zhar, and he shot from outside the area -the ball bounced in Sergi Roberto – and ended up being 2-1. The player celebrated the goal alone in the band since none of his teammates accompanied him, more pending to pick up the ball from the goal to avoid wasting time.

The Leganés thought he could give the bell, but the Barcelona became to recompose, and after a new blunder of Suarez in a goal sung, in the 35 of the second part, it was again Messi, in 87, who again marked for the his (3-1).

Match file:

3. Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Semedo, Piqué, Vermaelen, Sergi Roberto (Jordi Alba, min 74); Rakitic, André Gomes, Coutinho (Iniesta, min 81); Dembélé (Denis Suárez, min 88), Messi and Suárez

1. Leganés: Cuéllar; Zaldúa, Bustinza, Siovas, Raúl García; Omar, Gabriel, Rubén Pérez (Miguel Ángel Guerrero, min 78), El Zhar; Amrabat (Beauvue, min 46) and Eraso (Darko, min 60)

Goals: 1-0, min. 27: Messi. 2-0, min. 32: Messi. 2-1, min. 69: The Zhar. 3-1, min. 87: Messi.

Referee: De Busgos Bengoetxea, from the Basque committee. He showed yellow cards to Siovas (50 min), Zaldúa (55 min), Rubén Pérez (75 min), Coutinho (77 min), Zaldúa (78 min) and Jordi Alba (83 min). ] Incidents: match corresponding to the thirty-first day of the League, played at the Camp Nou against 72,126 fans, according to data provided by FC Barcelona


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