The secrets of the departures of Figo and Ronaldo of Barcelona, ​​uncovered

<pre>The secrets of the departures of Figo and Ronaldo of Barcelona, ​​uncovered


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    The ex-football player Luis Figo.

The departures of Ronaldo Nazario and Luis Figo of the Football Club Barcelona represented an earthquake on the banks of the Camp Nou. Evidently and by fate, the Portuguese was much more dramatic, but sportingly speaking having enjoyed just one season of the most magical Ronaldo of his career can be considered a setback, in sports, at least the same height The legendary Brazilian striker scored no less than 47 goals in 49 games as Blaugrana, and although today Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi have made a routine record of this type, in its day it represented a real shock . Beyond that, Ronaldo was the joy of the fan, even those who were not culés. An unprecedented power combined with the finesse of the biggest.

Perhaps just one season at the Camp Nou and accept to leave to land at Inter did not have as hard an impact on the fans as did the departure of Figo, that set course for the eternal rival. The Portuguese played 249 games in the five seasons he wore the blaugrana jacket, and when he left Barcelona was undoubtedly the totem of the project. An end with an elegance and a determination that allowed him to end up being Golden Ball.

Many years later, revelations have come about the departures of the two cracks of Barça. Paulo Futre, in El Chiringuito acknowledged that Figo did not want to leave Barcelona but the agreement he reached with Florentino Pérez left him between the sword and the wall.

” When three days before the elections he saw where he had gotten, death threats to his daughters and everything that was being mounted, he began to back down, and told his representative, José Veiga, that he was not going to Real Madrid, “he assured. the former of Atlético. “In the last clause it was said that I had to pay 35 million euros to Real Madrid, I had to pay all the shares of Real Madrid members if I did not sign in. Neither Veiga nor I, who was also involved in this, we thought that Florentino was When he wins, Veiga was crying, and I was worried. He was either Figo Madrid or he was paying 35 million euros He had to go to Madrid and he was in Sardinia, and he did not want to We went Veiga and I from Lisbon to Sardinia, Figo and his wife were a poem. ”

The case of Ronaldo Nazario was less dramatic for the Blaugrana parish, but very hard from the sporting point of view, since he lost the one at that time he was, almost without discussion, the best player in the world. The Brazilian has also revealed some secrets of his departure, making it clear that mistrust in the leadership of Barca was the main reason: “I was negotiating my renewal with Barcelona, ​​but decided not to continue because I did not trust the leaders of Barça anymore. Inter appeared at the moment and it was a fantastic challenge. At that time the Italian championship was the best in the world and the most difficult, it was the best decision I could make. ”


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