Messi and Salah, two golden boots for a single Champions League

<pre>Messi and Salah, two golden boots for a single Champions League


<img src=”” width=”600″ height=”338″ alt=” Leo Messi, celebrating a goal. "Title =" Leo Messi, celebrating a goal. "/>
    Leo Messi celebrates a goal with the shirt of Barcelona.

Many followers of the Catalan people affirm that the balance of a Champions in the last six editions is too poor, if we consider that this stage has coincided with the theoretical Leo Messi's football climax, both from a physical point of view, and in terms of maturity when dealing with the enigmas of the game. That it coincided with a time of triumphs of Real Madrid only aggravates the situation, so that the Champions League, every time the league is fully on track, is a priority for the Blaugrana team The Argentine's moment of form is exceptional, and there is no doubt that it represents the main hope for the Barcelona to win his sixth European Cup. It is true that the picture of Ernesto Valverde did not need the best version of his crack to leave practically sentenced his move to the semifinals after the first leg against Roma, but it is clear that from now on, his contest should be essential for to obtain the title.

To the prominence of Messi on this day of Tuesday, joins his great rival for the Golden Boot, Mohamed Salah, who will be hesitant until the last minute to face Manchester City. The two cracks of Barcelona and Liverpool are at this moment tied with 29 goals in the fight to finish being the best scorer of European football in the current year. If Messi was waiting for him, the Egyptian attacker could not go through the head to anyone.

And that is that Salah at Liverpool has exceeded all expectations. It could be assumed that the African had a good performance, since it fitted perfectly with Jürgen Klopp's plan to boost a player of his characteristics, but the 29 goals scored in the 31 matches he has played so far in the Premier League is a success almost unreal.

In this Champions League, Leo Messi has scored 6 goals and distributed 2 assists in the 9 matches he has played so far, while Salah, in the same matches, has scored 7 goals and has given 2 goal passes. Undoubtedly, the two great offensive references on which the hopes of Reds and Blaugranas are built, two cracks that are largely to blame for their teams are, at this moment, with a foot and a half in the semifinals of the club competition most prestigious in the world.


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