Roma vs Barcelona live

<pre>Roma vs Barcelona live
21.29 h Hard entry of Jorge Jesus to Messi, yellow for the central of Rome.

21.26 h Another foul sent by Messi that goes high. The Argentinian is not fortunate today in these shots.

21.22 h Dzeko heads again, this time after a corner. The shot goes high.

21.22 h Ter Stegen shines after a header from Dzeko

21.16 h What came from Roma, the ball was loose in the area after a shot of Nainggolan and Umtiti managed to clear it.

21.14 h Another occasion for Roma, only Schick's shot with his head stuck to the post.

21.10 h Shot high from the front of Dzeko quie loses very high.

21.06 h He attacks Rome without consequences, but worrying for Barça, Roma are reaching the Barça area too much.

21.01 h Distant shot from Nainngolan deflected, hit him very hard bad the Belgian from outside the area.

20.58 h Schick header after a corner that is lost deviated. Another warning from Roma

20.55 h Leo's pitch was lost and the crowd celebrates it

20.54 h Very dangerous foul in favor of Barça, ideal for Messi.

20.51 h Go to the back of the defense, Alba and Umtiti go to sleep, and the Bosnian striker does not forgive Ter Stegen


20.49 h How good Barça has started, they dominate the azulgranas (now sky blue) the match.

20.49 h Barça's first arrival, shot from Sergi Roberto who saves Alisson.


20.40 h Players in the dressing room tunnel, there are five minutes left for the clash to begin at the Rome Olympic.

20.12 h The Roma start with Alisson ; Florenzi, Manolas, Fazio, Juan Jesús, Kolarov; Nainngolan, De Rossi, Strootman; Schick, Dzeko

20.11 h There's already '11' of Valverde, the first team repeats: Ter Stegen; Semedo, Piqué, Umitit, Jordi Alba; Busquets, Rakitic, Sergi Roberto, Iniesta; Messi, Luis Suárez

20.10 h The Catalans arrive at the Italian capital with the interesting income obtained in the first leg at the Camp Nou (4-1).

20.09 h Good afternoon and welcome to the live narration of the second leg match of the Champions League between Rome and FC Barcelona


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