The fall of Barça, from 3 to 9 million spectators in 90 minutes

 Rome-Barcelona audience curve

    This is the impressive audience curve of Roma-Barcelona, ​​which started with 3 million viewers and ended with 9.

The hecatombe of Barcelona in the Champions League reached a 29.9% of the screen share with an average audience of 5,712,000 viewers in Antena 3.A spectators must be added those of TV3 in Catalonia, which were 1,153,000, bringing the quota to 35.9 .

However, the most impressive thing is the progressive curve of it during the match. The meeting began to be seen by only 3 million spectators, when thinking about the remote of Rome, it seemed a chimera and there were 9 million who did not leave their astonishment when the French referee whistled the end of the game and certified the third elimination in consecutive quarterfinals.

In the data, provided by Barlovento Comunicación in your twitter account, you can see the enormous morbidity and interest aroused by the Barça elimination, since the post-match was followed by 8,390,000 spectators of average audience, with a 39.8% share.

This interest was maintained during a good part of the night, since El Chiringuito de Mega, the program presented by Josep Pedrerol, meeting 554,000 spectators, with 9.4% share, achieving the peak of the season for Mega in the total of spectators in a day, also helped by the summary of the other game, Manchester City-Liverpool, with the elimination of the Guardiola team and the expulsion of the coach by Mateu Lahoz. .

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