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    The ex-football player and German coach, Bernd Schuster.

The alarm clock of Bernd Schuster sounded this Wednesday at 3.15 o'clock. Yes, in the morning. These are the sacrifices that have to be made to follow the Champions League from China, where the German coach is starting a new experience at Dalian Yifang .

First they issued the Manchester City – Liverpool the party that interested them. He had not planned to see the Rome – Barcelona that came next, but go back to bed. But while looking at the Etihad, the messages on his mobile told him what was happening at the Olympic. Instead of going back to bed, he went to the kitchen: “I had a coffee and I was surprised to see how they eliminated a completely unknown Barça. I could not believe it, “he tells SPORTYOU.

Also for Schuster, Barça was one of the biggest contenders for the title. “Without Barça or Manchester City, now I do expect a final between Real Madrid and Bayern,” he predicts, although the semifinal draw may cross them before; “Without a doubt, they are currently the best teams in the world. Real Madrid are living a glorious time because they have done very well in the club. ”

Without belittling anyone, he is very clear about why Real Madrid is above Barça:” He has a long and higher quality There is the big difference, among other reasons. When you look for solutions on the bench, Zidane finds them more easily than Valverde. ”

But this is long. Why do you think that Barça have won only one Champions of seven?

The fault lies with Real Madrid and this golden age it is having, and also the level these years of Atlético de Madrid, which is competing wonderfully In addition, in Spain we are giving much more importance to winning the Champions than a double and that is not normal in other countries. We have become accustomed to this because of Madrid, as if the feat was easy … If you do not win the Champions League, even if you take the League and the Cup, it does not work anymore. For example at Bayern they are clear: first the Bundesliga and then, if they win the Champions, better than better. But Real Madrid is forcing others to win by obligation the 'orejona.'

Are you surprised by this new elimination of a Guardiola team? Or does it confirm that Pep without Leo Messi is less a coach?

I'm not surprised. Anyone is less a coach without Leo. Messi makes us all better at his side. To Pep I consider him one of the biggest ones nowadays and he has been in the elite for some time. In Germany he won everything and now with the City he will win the Premier, which is not bad. Again the fault is of Madrid, which has us badly accustomed winning the Champions as if it were to sew and sing. It is true that both PSG and Manchester City wanted to see them against a big one … PSG was overtaken by Real Madrid and City, after eliminating Liverpool, confirms that it is far from being a big European.

Liverpool or Roma will be able to eliminate Madrid or the Bayern?

On paper no. But beware, the two have just left out two of the favorites and that makes the little ones grow. You know how football is … with the 4-1 first leg, no one would have bet on Roma, but there it is, in the semifinals.

Normal … Messi did not appear. Do not you think that Barça have not taken advantage of the golden age of this player to dominate football?

Precisely because of him, Madrid, in addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, has taken on a very large squad that will clothes in such a way that, if he fails, it is not as noticeable as if Leo does not appear. You can not always be waiting for Messi because he is human and can also fail. But always in this decade, Real Madrid is the big culprit because they win and win as if nothing, while others see them raise trophies with apparent ease.

Real Madrid or Bayern Munich who will win the Champions League ?

Beware of Liverpool and Rome, eh? Depends on how they arrive that day but Madrid is very scary. In recent years Bayern has not been better because Real always has a little bit of something in his favor that he carries in his blood and that makes him better in those matches. The Madrid is scary when you see him in front in a final.


In China they learn fast

The Dalian Yifang is a newcomer to the Chinese Super League. Its owner, the Wanda group, ordered Jorge Mendes, universal representative, to find him a trainer. “Mendes explained to me that they wanted to stay, grow and help Chinese football to become more professional and more serious. I had been out of circulation for some time [desde que salió del Málaga en 2014] and although I was lazy, I quickly liked the project. And here we are, on the Dalian peninsula in northern China. ”

Is Chinese football really competitive?

Yes. Man, they are far away but every year that passes they get closer because they focus on everything good and learn fast. If we help them, it will be good for football in general.

On May 26, Bernd Schuster will not have to get up early to watch the Champions League final, which will be held in Kiev. It will be a mini vacation, since the Chinese Superliga will rest during the World Cup. He will take advantage to return to Spain, first on vacation and then concentrated with his players in Los Angeles de San Rafael (Segovia) to prepare the second round of the championship.


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