The works of the Espai Barça, which will open the Camp Nou environment to the neighborhood, will begin in the summer of 2019 and cost 125.2 million euros, which the club will assume, explained the president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu, together with the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau.

Despite the works, all the FC Barcelona matches will be played at the Camp Nou, she has also guaranteed a press conference with the deputy mayor Janet Sanz, the commissioner of Espai Barça of the club, Jordi Moix, and the presidents of the municipal groups of the PDeCAT, Cs, ERC, PSC and PP – all less the CUP -.

The works of the interior of the Camp Nou they will be carried out during the summers until 2022 to avoid that the works prevent to play in the field, while those of the outside will be carried out throughout the year, always guaranteeing the entrance of the spectators when a match is played, Bartomeu has detailed.

You have ensured that ] it is a great city agreement and a "balanced and integrating proposal between what the club needs and the demands of the neighborhood and the city", agreed after a process of information and participation that has had the partners and also with neighbors.

Colau: "It's a historical project"

Colau has celebrated this "historic project" that definitively triggers the urban action that affects the Camp Nou and its surroundings, and has ensured that it will pass to be a open space, friendly and where to do activities for the city.

"The project is a huge gain at zero cost," and has insisted that the consistory will not pay for redevelopment, although will benefit from the new spaces and public facilities in the area, in an approach that, according to her, is the result of consensus and dialogue between the City Council, the club and the neighbors.

The apartments will be terrados

The future Espai Barça will be opened to the neighborhood, eliminating barriers and generating new spaces for citizens, burying the parking lot without increasing the number of seats – it is proposed to allocate a part to neighboring residents -, and urbanizing Artístides Maillol and Maternitat streets, among other actions.

The Government Commission gave the green light this Thursday to the urban planning, which was initially approved in July in the municipal commission of Urbanism, and will address in the municipal plenary in April before rising to the final approval of the sub-commission of Urbanism of Barcelona, ​​with the Generalitat.

Changes compared to the initial

The final proposal incorporates the changes worked with the club to respond to the allegations presented since the initial approval in July, as a grouping of the green areas, which in total goes from adding 27,500 square meters to 32,000, for which it earns 23,000 with respect to the current situation.

Following the neighbors' allegations, the Joan XXIII street section has been modified, which will incorporate a traffic lane to increase its capacity, with one for sense, another for bikes, and another circulation that will be reversible to improve mobility on match days.

In the space of the Miniestadi will be built the Nou Palau Blaugrana and other sports facilities, and four new buildings of other uses will be created, with economic and administrative activities of the club and uses of restoration, commercial and hotel.

The buildings with these uses located in Arístides Maillol with Joan XXIII will add 28,000 square meters – 2,000 less than in an initially approved document – and the hotel will also reduce its size with respect to the planned one, up to 9,000 square meters, 500 less, has detailed the tenien Mayor's Office

City Project

The municipal leader of the PDeCAT, Xavier Trias, has stressed that this is a "difficult and complex" city project, with many conflicting interests, that has been known to negotiate with very difficult neighborhood entities and has guaranteed the continuity of the project sent by whoever sent in the consistory.

The leader of Cs in the City Council, Carina Mejías, has stressed that the agreement is presented after "a difficult week from the point of view of the municipal agreements" which gives it more importance, after what Alfred Bosch (ERC) has said that the project reflects the best of the collective intelligence of the city. [19659010] The socialist Jaume Collboni has underlined the "generosity and humility" of the club's directive before the petitions of neighbors and the City Council and the popular Alberto Fernández recalled that, when eight years ago, the project or, the PP declined it.

"I think that time has given us the right, and another project was possible to improve the city," Fernandez said, and the non-attached councilor, Gerard Ardanuy (Demòcrates), has affirmed that FC Barcelona has shown its willingness to make symbiosis with the city and that a single agreement has been reached at European level.


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