And the Catalans do not protest about Rome?

<pre>And the Catalans do not protest about Rome?
I could not imagine that the fans of one of the biggest clubs in the world would receive their players as if nothing had happened four days before in Rome. FC Barcelona traveled there with a three-goal lead and was eliminated by a smaller team . The 'Super Barça' that has invested a few hundred million euros to overcome Real Madrid fell again before the semifinals of the Champions League. And the Catalans, at Camp Nou, as if nothing had happened.

A Spanish saying says that whoever is silent gives. Well, that. Against Valencia CF, a great game of League in theory (as was seen later in practice), 20,000 less fans attended, I deduce that in protest. Because the 69,544 culés that yes were assumed with silence and null protests that the Barça, although it gains the League and the Glass, is inferior to its maximum rival. I do not understand that the knowledgeable fans of Barça did not receive their players with a thunderous whistle after seeing another year more to Real Madrid in the semifinals and theirs with the ¿better? player of the world watching the Champions on television.

Leo Messi of which some they keep shouting from the rooftops that he is also the best in history, he is still missing in combat. With the World Cup just around the corner, he fears getting injured and will again disappoint his countrymen in the national team. Maybe that's why you see him wandering around the countryside. Yes it was against the Leganés. Disappeared in the Olympic of Rome, and except in one of his 'zigs-zags', did not give signals to Valencia. Win the League and the Cup with the best? in the squad it is impressive but it scares much more that Real Madrid can win another Champions League without having Messi.

Barça beat Valencia 2-1 and surpassed, yes, the Real-record-record title, who was 38 games without losing. Now boasts the Barça of the longest streak in the history of the League thanks, no doubt, to the excellent performance of Ter Stegen despite the goal conceded below the hip saved his team with four impressive stops. Maybe that's why the Catalans dismissed theirs with an ovation, as if Rome had not happened and as if the raffle draw of the Champions League semifinals without Barca was another planet. .

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