Ernesto Valverde, of idolatry to "designated"

<pre>Ernesto Valverde, of idolatry to "designated"


<img src=”” width=”600″ height=”338″ alt=” Ernesto Valverde, Barcelona coach. "Title =" Ernesto Valverde, coach of Barcelona. "/>
    Ernesto Valverde, Barcelona coach, at a press conference.

Shortly before the referee signaled the start of the second leg of the Champions League quarter-final in Rome, no one doubted that Ernesto Valverde had managed to change the reality of Barça in a radical way. The situation that the FC Barcelona squad lived was completely different to what was expected, after the painful defeat suffered in the Spanish Super Cup against Real Madrid . The white team devastated the Blaugrana in the first title of the season, and putting in context that both squads came from two very different performances -Liga and Champions for Real Madrid, Copa del Rey for Barça-, things did not look good at all for the coach from Caceres. as if it was not enough he saw how he had to put together his project having to deal with the departure of Neymar one of the great stars of the team.

Constancy and work to give continuity to a blolque that in the league He performed at the highest level under the baton of Leo Messi, and he took advantage of the irregular performance of Real Madrid at the start of the year to take advantage of the fact that everyone agrees to be insurmountable. Against Valencia, perhaps the big surprise of the league considering where it came from, the leader will have a good chance to recover from the blow suffered in Italy.

However, with the title in his pocket, and being the great favorite to win the final of the Copa del Rey, doubts have arisen around the figure of the coach as nobody imagined could happen just a week ago. “I guess I'm the one,” he said before the clash with Marcelino García Toral, referring to the elimination of the Champions League. And is that the undisputed success that will mean the league title will inevitably be marked by the lack of waist that showed the former Athletic at the Olympic Stadium. Gajes del oficio


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