The best Coutinho appears after the debacle against Rome

 Coutinho, player of Barcelona.

    Coutinho is measured at Guedes at the Camp Nou.

The first months of Coutinho in Barcelona are leaving more shadows than lights. The Brazilian footballer came after in the summer and after the departure of Neymar, he talked constantly about his possible signing. A subject that came to burn a hobby that waited expectantly for his arrival, and that had to “conform” with the beardless Osumane Dembélé.

His incorporation in December, having already formed Valverde his game plan, and the fact of that he could not play Champions – we will never know if the result against Roma would have changed, but undoubtedly it would have been an extra weapon – ended up shaping a rarefied context around his adaptation to the team. Some play, little presence in the game and generalized doubts have been all that the Brazilian has left so far.

Sensations that can begin to change after his performance against Valencia, where he has given two passes of go and he has been seen much more loose at the time of joining the passes of the culé team. It is fair to say that Valverde's right-wing role is not the most conducive to continuity in the team's game, but is more focused, as in a Brazilian team where Neymar kneads the ball in the left wing , to finish plays.

However, against Valencia it participated a lot in interior zones. With the Che team very closed in their defense and leaving the free bands, Valverde decided to occupy them with Sergi Roberto and Jordi Alba, and both Coutinho and Iniesta played a lot between the rival lines. There he appeared a lot, joined he left those two passes – one wonderful to Luis Suarez and another from the corner to Umtiti – and also took a shot midway through the second part that came skimming the stick. Undoubtedly, the version expected of the Brazilian.


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