final of the Copa del Rey 2018 live

19.29 h The teams have already left their hotels in the direction of the stadium.

18.58 h

18.47 h  Tabarnia

18.46 h  Flares

18.44 h  Fan

18.26 h This is how the controversial Cristóbal Soria has been cheered by the FC Barcelona fans. The video is by Raúl Rioja:

17.58 h Close the fan zone of Sevilla and the Seville club informs its team how to get to the stadium:

15.58 h For now, without incident and with good atmosphere in both fan zones.

15.57 h The city of Madrid already welcomes both hobbies, which at 9:30 p.m. have time to go to the Atlético de Madrid stadium to watch the final.

15.54 h For those of Montella, it would be the occasion to save a mediocre season in Liga (they are out of Champions), something made up for a more than worthy presence in the Champions League, where they were eliminated in the quarters.

15.53 h For the FC Barcelona would be the first title of the desired double, since the Valverde team has the League really on track.

15.53 h Barça players look for their cup number ro 30, while the Sevillians seek their sixth title.

15.52 h FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC face in the brand new stadium Wanda Metropolitano de Madrid to settle the first title of the season ( except for the Supercopa of Spain.)

15.51 h Good afternoon and welcome to the live narration of the preliminaries and the final of the Copa del Rey football


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