France Football apologizes to Iniesta for not having given him the Golden Ball

 Andrés Iniesta receives the S.M. King Felipe VI

    Andrés Iniesta, the great protagonist of the final, receives the S.M. King Philip VI

Pascal Ferre, director of France Football, titles his editorial with a brief “Perdón, Iniesta” . In Spanish and without detours “He is the best game facilitator of all time, most of his contemporaries complicate their lives, but he has had fun for about fifteen years simplifying everything, without any bad conceited thoughts, but to live The game, without him, Messi would have gotten tired much faster at Barça, his talent is inventing it for others. ”

The words of the French journalist draw a lot of attention. It is true that the voting system exempts him from all guilt, but it is really striking how the director is so sincere in a clear way. It is clear that the exhibition of the manchego in the last final of the Copa del Rey against Sevilla has had much impact abroad and that his tears on the bench, which anticipate a departure from Barca, have touched beyond our borders.

Andrés Iniesta was on the verge of winning the Golden Ball in 2010, with Spain being world champion and he scoring in the final and being one of the most valuable players of the entire team, but finally, Leo Messi won with 22.65% of the votes. Andrés Iniesta was second, with 17.36%, while Xavi Hernández completed the podium with 16.48%.

The thorn that was stuck in Spain after Iniesta did not win the prestigious award granted by the France Foorball magazine is a small quarrel that can even be felt from within the publication, as is clear after the affectionate words of Ferre . “His absolute altruism has deprived him of an even greater recognition.” Among the great absences of the Golden Ball prize list, his is painful “, concludes


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