The neighbors of Camp Nou denounce that the Espai Barça violates the law of urbanism

 Espai Barça Barcelona

    Espai Barça Barcelona

The residents of the Camp Nou, which includes the neighborhoods of Sant Ramon, Maternitat, Zona Universitària or Avenida de Xile, denounce that the stadium will be extended on public roads and the hotels and offices on sports grounds.

Both actions, in his opinion, violate the Law of Urban Planning of Catalonia and in case the Generalitat approves this plan, they will appeal it through the contentious-administrative procedure before the Justice. They hope, however, that the Planning Commission of the Generalitat ask for “rectifications” to the municipal government.

Initial approval in the plenary next Friday

The project of Espai Barça presented it recently on Ajuntament de Barcelona together with the Futbol Club Barcelona and will be approved initially at the next plenary session, on Friday, April 27, with the support of all the municipal groups except the CUP. The works will begin in July 2019.

The associations of affected neighbors have presented this Wednesday at the headquarters of the Federation of Associations of Neighborhoods and Neighbors of Barcelona (FAVB) their complaints to the plan, which have qualified as ” pelotazo “that does not have the approval of the residents in the neighborhoods adjacent to the field, contrary to the” staging “that they believe the Consistory and the club did in a massive press conference on April 14. [19659007] They feel cheated by the government team of Ada Colau and have also complained that the amendments they presented during the meetings held with the municipal executive during the participatory process have not been finally taken into account.

Hotels and offices on land for sporting use

Ana Mena, president of the coordinator in which the neighbors have been organized, accuses the Town Hall of allowing them not to respect the regulations that clearly establish by law that “land classified as sports equipment can only be transformed into a green area or free public space” and not into “tertiary” uses such as hotels and offices that will provide economic enrichment for third parties and for Barça itself.

Mena believes that the provision of this land should be for public facilities or housing, not for private businesses. And fixed in 7,444 square meters of sports floor which will be lost to the benefit of hotels and offices.

The stadium “eats” part of public road

“The City Council is Following the game to the club “member of the neighborhood coordinator Dani Navas has explained this Wednesday, who explained that Consistory technicians have had access to the plans of the future Espai Barça through the club and that these plans are signed by the club. sports entity.

Navas explained that the main point of conflict of the urban plan is that the new Camp Nou will expand its perimeter and will be built using part of the public road through which traffic lanes now run from Joan XXII Avenue that surrounds the current stadium. And what, in what has been described as “perversion of the current urban regulations,” turn that extra space around the stadium into a “zone of community use as a green space, when ownership will be private and maintenance will be assumed by the city.”

In addition, it will leave the current avenue in a lane and a half, which can generate “mobility and security problems” on game days and in situations that make it necessary to evacuate quickly from the area.

Parking of buses in Menéndez Pelayo Street

The esplanade of Menéndez Pelayo Street, which is currently used as surface parking by residents, is municipal property, according to residents. And it has another underground municipal parking lot. Within the new Espai Barça it is intended to convert this land into a parking lot for the coaches of the peñas, a use that the coordinator considers “that should be in charge of the club in its own facilities”.


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