Guardiola: Iniesta helped me to understand soccer better just by watching him play

<pre>Guardiola: Iniesta helped me to understand soccer better just by watching him play

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Josep Guardiola coach of Manchester City, praised on Friday Andrés Iniesta “a guy with an incomparable natural gift”, who announced that will leave FC Barcelona at the end of the season and said that football “will continue to remember him in 50 years.”

“With him everything flows naturally.” That's the most impressive thing I can say about him: that naturalness of perfection As he ran with and without the ball, although he was not the fastest in the world, he had an incomparable natural gift, “Guardiola said at a press conference on Sunday against West Ham ]

“I can say a lot of things about him, per or the most important thing is the pleasure of watching him train.” I'm sure football will remember him in 50 years. very important, “added the coach, who had at his command to Andres in the Catalan team

Guardiola also took the opportunity to “thank” Iniesta, since “helped him to understand football better” and said that would like him “to return to Barcelona to teach to the youngest or the professionals. “

” I want to thank you. People think that coaches help players, but he helped me to understand the game better just by watching him play. I hope he comes back to Barcelona to teach young people or professionals what he did on the pitch, “said the coach.

Another one who reacted to Iniesta's announcement to leave FC Barcelona was Iker Casillas, next to which he was champion of South Africa 2010 with the Spanish national team.

“It was a pleasure to be able to enjoy your football in Spain and share clothes with you. Together, we won the most beautiful. Separately, maximum rivalry with the greatest respect! Luck in your new stage, “he wrote on Twitter.

In addition striker David Villa showed his gratitude to the Barcelona player for having” made him enjoy so much in the field “, for all they have” lived together “ and for “all the magic afternoons” he has given away at the Barcelona Football Club.


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