Until the … of the hall of the champions

<pre>Until the ... of the hall of the champions

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Ernesto Valverde also exploded, like me, with a smile. But he got tired of so much corridor to the champion: “Fuck … you're going to drive me crazy with the hallway”. And me too. But it is true and Valverde should remember that everything started because his team did not make the corresponding hall of homage to the world champions that is none other than Real Madrid.

Then the excuse of the non-corridor was that as they had not participated in that competition … but hey, sometimes I think they think we're stupid. That maybe we are, but please do not do either of us, we look more dumb than we pretend. Do not try to ridicule the intelligence of the fans who are neither of Madrid or Barça . Do not hesitate any longer or dread the partridge from one or another trench. It would be perfect to say it clearly and bluntly.

I do not usually agree with many of the things Javier Tebas sentences, but over the hall he said a phrase that Valverde repeated today: “It seems to me that the rivalry increases when Madrid is with Barça and in the case of this happy corridor, it seems to me that it is more humiliating to the one who does it than to honor the champion “. Indeed!

That is the true and only truth. It was released by Tebas and validated by Valverde. We are to be humiliated. Zinedine Zidane watching as he hunted the dog said that in the hall nothing. Honestly, if I were a Madrid player I would also agree with Zidane and I would say that where they are given they take them. And so we could continue eternally with him and you more. It is very sad but while Madrid and Barça are still champions of something, the aisle has gone down in the history of good manners unless some Andrés Iniesta puts sanity on this sport-game-business called soccer


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