“He does not come to take the post from anyone”

 Luis Suárez

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    Luis Suárez and Antoine Griezmann, in a montage with photos of this season.

The insistent rumors of the departure of Antoine Griezmann from Atlético de Madrid to FC Barcelona take on new momentum. This time, thanks to some statements by Barça striker Luis Suárez, who on a Uruguayan radio (Radio Uruguay) took for granted the arrival of the French forward to the Blaugrana club.

“Barça always brings players from quality like Antoine like when Coutinho or Dembélé came … they are very high quality players, they have been playing at a high level for many years, fighting a lot “, said the Salta striker.

” He leads the Atlético at the attack and that is fundamental, here, welcome, it does not come to take the place from anyone, but comes with the ambition to do important things in the best team in the world, “said Suarez, who added that “I am proud that they bring players of that quality.”


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