Zidane: We will not make the corridor because Barcelona did not make it after the Club World Cup

<pre>Zidane: We will not make the corridor because Barcelona did not make it after the Club World Cup

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The technical director of Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane explained his decision not to make the traditional corridor to FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou after his conquest of the Spanish league, as a return to the gesture that had its rival in the match of the first round at the Santiago Bernabéu, after the “meringues” won the Club World Cup.

because after the Mundialito I understand that it was not important for us to make the corridor and Some say that they were not in the competition and it is a lie because they were in the Champions League and you have to win it to play the World Cup. ”

” That's where the thing is not clear, because I'm not the one to decide that the corridor is not done it was they who did not do it and we, with respect, do not do it because they did not do it “, he added.

Zidane, however, praised the Barcelona season. “I respect what Barcelona did, win the league that is the most difficult, complicated and beautiful.” I congratulate you and that is respect, the rest can be interpreted after what happened and it's my concern, nothing of the club If they had made the corridor, I would not break anything of what was before, but we are not going to do something they did not do, “he stressed.

For the Madridista coach, the corridor has not lost its essence and It has not become a tribute to ridicule. “Not one thing, not another ,” he said. “There was one thing but now it broke and we can not say that Real Madrid did it, because it is not true

Nor will there be a recognition to Andrés Iniesta, beyond of which they do in person with the player who disputes the classic and to which Zidane returned to dedicate praise.

The detail that we will have with a player that we admire and that is not any player for what he has done, it will be to greet him congratulate him and wish him luck for his future, “he said.


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