Barcelona vs Real Madrid: the classic memes

 Classic Memes

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    One of the classic memes.

The classic between Barca and Real Madrid was anything but quiet.

Innumerable polemics, raffles and a multitude of controversial plays in a final draw that, as the League was sentenced, it is the least.

But not what happened in the classic, which is going to give a lot to talk about. He is already doing it on networks, where users, as usual, have displayed their humor with dozens of hilarious memes.

The actions among the players were also a source of satire, as is between Alba and Modric.

Luis Suárez, one of the foci of the controversy.

And, of course, the referee focused all the criticisms.

Another about Hernández Hernández and two controversial moves.

One of the plays more controversial compared to another: this time the protagonists were Bale and Umtiti, and the hard entrance of Real Madrid.

In short, it was a classic with a lot of tension.


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