Atlético de Madrid or Barcelona?


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    Antoine Griezmann gave Atletico Madrid a draw just three minutes after 1-0.

Without more sporting objectives than finishing the league season undefeated, in the Barcelona Football Club begins to talk about signings . On the one hand there is an inevitable exit operation, in which there are several footballers of the FC Barcelona squad designated to be traded for their low performance. On the other, obviously, the entrance. One of the names that sounds with more force for a long time is Antoine Griezmann, whose clause of cancellation, of 100 million euros, is a candy for the great European clubs.

It is true that Barcelona, ​​at this moment, has four 'front row' attack players; two are absolutely immovable, in the case of Leo Messi and Luis Suarez, another, like Coutinho, can assume a role of midfielder, while Ousmane Dembélé, despite being the second most expensive signing in the history of Barça, is relegated to the background . Given the context the possible signing of Griezmann, from the sporting point of view, would force Ernesto Valverde to a restructuring in the tactical, a problem that given the category of the French footballer should not bother too much to Cacereño.

Atlético wants to retain the French

On the morning of Tuesday, Enrique Cerezo and Antoine Griezmann would have been eating at a restaurant in Majadahonda, although the top athletic president has denied such a circumstance: “I have eaten with a friend and I have been talking about movies” , he assured, to conclude by saying that “Griezmann is now a player of Atlético de Madrid”. The Frenchman came out on one side and Cerezo on the other, but several sources present assure that at the meeting a powerful economic offer was made to convince the Frenchman to continue with the mattress team.

At Barça, caution … until a certain point

From Barcelona arrive diverse information. Josep María Bartomeu, in an interview with RAC1, acknowledged that in October he met with the agents of Griezmann to know his availability, although he has affirmed that the situation is paralyzed for the time being. Ernesto Valverde, meanwhile, has been more reserved, stating that he does not know “the relevance that Griezmann's meeting with Cerezo can have, in any case we have to be very cautious with ours, but much more with non-players. We all know that Griezmann is very big, in the future we'll see. ”


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