Miguel Ángel Gil harshly criticizes the attitude of Barcelona with Griezmann

 Miguel Ángel Gil Marín

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    Miguel Ángel Gil Marín.

Miguel Ángel Gil, CEO of Atlético de Madrid, has criticized football club Barcelona harshly, after the information that has appeared in the media about the culé interest in taking over the services of French Antoine Griezmann. The president of the Catalan club, Josep María Bartomeu, said that in October he met with the agents of the forward, and on the afternoon of Tuesday the Cope Chain has assured that the Catalan team has informed the Madrid that will pay the clause of rescission of the soccer player.

It is something that has not liked at all within the mattress entity, which through Miguel Angel Gil has been expressed about it: “We are tired of the attitude of Barcelona. That a president, a player and a manager of the same club speak of the way they do of the future of a player with a contract in force and a few days of playing a final of European competition seems to me an absolute lack of respect for Atlético de Madrid and all its fans. ”

” The attitude of Atlético de Madrid in this regard is very clear and has been made public on numerous occasions, at no time have we negotiated for Griezmann and we have no intention of doing so. Personally I stated a few months ago to the president of Barcelona that the player's rights are neither for sale nor are we going to sell them. I also made him see that his inappropriate behavior It was contrary to the integrity of the competition, since during the season we have been competing for the league title and Barcelona has been permanently pressuring one of the most relevant players of our team. I also told him at the time that in the event that the player exercised his right of rescission as a result of pressure exercised throughout this season, Atletico de Madrid will demand from Barcelona before the corresponding instances the compensations that correspond for their inappropriate behavior, “he adds.

” It's all right. I hope that this statement will allow us to let athletes enjoy this moment and prepare a final as it should be. ”

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