Barça make up the blush against Levante, but will not finish the league undefeated

 Levante - Barcelona

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    Coutinho, Jordi Alba and Iniesta, after one of the goals conceded by FC Barcelona against Levante UD.

Barça will not be the first team to finish unbeaten a league since twenty teams play the tournament. The whole of Ernesto Valverde lost that condition in a surprising way and, above all, he was a blusher. It can be described as a surprise that Levante UD was in charge of making the champion kneel (5-4), even though Paco López has unsuspectedly revitalized the team since his arrival. And of course you can talk about blushing because of the way the defeat occurred.

Barça did not have Leo Messi resting in Barcelona, ​​but with many of his regulars. Still, Levante passed him over. Barça only existed as spectator of the granota deployment, a bit like how it existed Yerry Mina in the first goal of the match, in which Morales -with the ball on the feet- It passed him like an airplane. The Colombian central, who has barely played since his arrival in the winter market, was the big signal of the night but not the only responsible.

Boateng who had not scored a double since his arrival to Spain, he signed the first at ten minutes and the second at half an hour, in a new play that portrayed the softness of the entire Barca defensive system. Shortly after, when Vermalen had to leave his post to Piqué due to injury, the team seemed to settle down. In addition, Coutinho cut distances with a shot that bounced off Róber Pier and misled Oier . The match seemed tight on reaching the break, but the storm was about to break.

Manita the champion

After the restart, Levante scored three goals in just eleven minutes. That is, the resignation of Ter Stegen to compete for Zamora. Bardhi scored a monumental goal at thirty seconds of play and repeated at 56. Between one goal and another, Boateng rounded off his performance and converted the double into hat trick.

Barça finally got some bullfighting embarrassment. Coutinho hit twice more with the goal (one of them with another rebound, this time at Luis Suárez ) and, with twenty minutes ahead, Luis Suarez put the 5-4 penalty. The champion tightened but that did not disturb the Levante, who did not give up to go in search of the sixth. With emotion in both areas the discount was reached. Shortly before Rochina had an excellent opportunity to score 6-4 and sentence after a mistake by Busquets, but finished off. Tension was chewed as if there were a title at stake, and thus the local players celebrated the victory.

5 – Levante : Oier; Coke, Postigo, Rober Pier, Luna; Lukic, Campaña, Roger (Jefferson Lerma, m.68), Boateng (Pazzini, m.77), Bardhi and Morales (Rochina, m.85).

4 – Barcelona : Ter Stegen; Semedo, Yerry Mina, Vermaelen (Piqué, m.31), Jordi Alba; Busquets, Rakitic, Dembélé (Paco Alcácer, m.60), Iniesta (Denis Suárez, m.60); Coutinho and Suárez

Goals : 1-0, m.9: Boateng. 2-0, m.31: Boateng. 2-1, m.38: Coutinho. 3-1, m.46: Bardhi. 4-1, m.50: Boateng. 5-1, m.56: Bardhi. 5-2, m.59: Coutinho. 5-3, m.64: Coutinho. 5-4, m.70: Luis Suárez, penalty

Referee : Melero López (Andalusian Committee). He showed yellow cards to local Bardhi, Boateng, Coke, Campaign, Lerma and Pazzini, and visitors Vermaelen, Busquets, Luis Suárez, Denis Suárez and Yerry Mina.


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