Lionel Messi: It would be a hard blow to see Neymar in Real Madrid

Lionel Messi: Sería un golpe muy duro ver a Neymar en Real Madrid

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FC Barcelona striker Lionel Messi said on Tuesday that seeing Brazilian Neymar with the Real Madrid shirt “would be terrible” and “a hard blow”

“It would be terrible for what Ney means for Barcelona, ​​in spite of the way he went … He won important titles here. It would be a hard blow for everyone, it would surely be a big blow for all Barça, and football would make Real Madrid a lot stronger what is already, “Messi told the Argentine channel TyC Sports .

” He already knows, I already told him, we're still talking, “he added laughingly at his former teammate , who now plays in Paris Saint-Germain.

The albiceleste captain also reiterated that he does not compete with the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and appreciated that Real Madrid wins even playing badly, something that Barcelona does not usually do.

“I do not compete with him (Ronaldo). It stimulates me to see Mad rid again in the Champions League final, see them win Liga to them or see other championship teams, that stimulates me. I want to be a champion every year, I want to win collective things all the years, I'm not interested in the other ” , explained.

“Madrid has something, they have it: they win. Playing badly, they win, they are making a bad game and they take it forward. It costs us a lot more. We have to be very superior to win. Madrid is very respected in Europe, they come out to play differently, “he said.


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