Barça does not congratulate Atlético for the Europa League, as they did in 2010 and 2012, with Griezmann in the background

 Antoine Griezmann celebrates the Europa League

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    Antoine Griezmann celebrates the Europa League amid rumors of his departure

Atlético de Madrid were proclaimed champions of their third Europa League this Wednesday in Lyon. Many were the Spanish clubs that were sent to congratulate the mattress on Twitter, including Real Madrid.

However, surprised the absence of FC Barcelona on that list. The relations between the two clubs, which have always been cordial, are not going through their best, with the figure of Griezmann as detonator.

Barça did congratulate Atlético on Twitter in the Europa Leagues conquered in 2010 and 2012, also to Sevilla in the 2016 edition. On the night of Wednesday, no trace.

Tension between the directives for the signing of Griezmann

The possible signing of Griezmann for Barça and, above all, negotiations with the player, which have bothered Atlético They can be behind this digital “cluelessness.”

The situation is tense and Gil Marín himself was tough after the Lyon final: “Griezmann can make history in Atleti and everything revolves around him or go to a club where it will never enter history, “said the owner of the club that also says that Bartomeu has not replied to the statement.

It all started with Amor

The first match of the Griezmann affair and that lit the Atlético-Barça relations were Guil's statements Lore Amor in which came to confirm that they had negotiated with the '7' rojiblanco, which did not make any fun to the club from Madrid.

“We are fed up with the attitude of Barça,” countered Gil Marin. On the website of Atlético published a statement in which the club censored the behavior of Barca by testing during the season to a player with a contract and also the star of the club.

Now, it seems that relations are somewhat deteriorated and the distance is evident: the future of Antoine Griezmann will be the one to determine where things are going.

Congratulations from other clubs to the champion Atleti .

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