Coutinho colors the farewell of an Iniesta that turns the Camp Nou upside down

<pre>Coutinho colors the farewell of an Iniesta that turns the Camp Nou upside down

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The Camp Nou presented a wonderful aspect to dismiss the one who has been one of the great idols of its history. The Blaugrana feud was filled to the flag and before the initial whistle of the clash against Real Sociedad, Valverde's team ended up winning 1-0, a beautiful mural was observed in the stands. I saw the name of Iniesta in one of the side steps, and two symbols of infinity, playing with his number 8, adorning both backgrounds. The color was at the height of the myth.

The game, in terms of the level of entertainment, perhaps was also up to it, but not so much the control of Barcelona over it, that especially in the first time allowed too many counter-attacks of the team from San Sebastian. It is true and, evidently a key factor in the pace of the match, that there was nothing at stake at the classification level and that caused that back and forth, perhaps too constant for what Valverde wanted.

Iniesta participated, though, with enough continuity in the attacking plays of his team, and in fact in the minute 9 he got an excellent shot from the edge of the area that went by very little outside. It was the only truly individualistic attempt by Andrés, who devoted himself more to playing than finishing as he has been throughout his career, and left several plays that were really nice for the spectator.

Coutinho , who was not the great protagonist of the day, was the one who left the great play of the night. It was the 57th minute when the Brazilian player received the ball in the left corner of the area, cut in and put the ball in the corner, unreachable for Moya. Iniesta was close to hand by hand with the Atlético de Madrid exporter shortly after, although he lacked the last pass.

In any case, everything that happened before took a back seat after that Ernesto Valverde replaced the player from La Mancha by Paco Alcácer. The crowd dismissed him with an ovation for the story, that when he was on the bench with tears in his eyes, he continued with some songs that did not finish until the final whistle.


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