barefoot in an empty Camp Nou

 Andrés Iniesta

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    Andrés Iniesta, after his last game at the Camp Nou.

Andrés Iniesta gave a mass bath in his farewell to the Camp Nou, where this Sunday he played for the last time as a player of FC Barcelona . The Barça captain experienced a wealth of sensations, but not all of them were televised or presided over by the noise and the crowd.

On the contrary, Iniesta wanted to have an intimate farewell with the turf of the Barça stadium, on which so many times He danced to the delight of the stands and the torture of his rivals. After the tribute, he attended the journalists in the mixed zone and returned to the field in flip flops, with the only mobile phone company. Iniesta took off his shoes to sit on the grass in the middle of the stadium's immense solitude and enjoy sensations that only he knows. Some journalists noticed and captured the moment with their cameras.

Later, Iniesta uploaded this video to his social profiles:

In his speech before the fans, minutes before, Iniesta had been very excited: “It's a complicated day. They have been 22 wonderful years. It has been a pride and a pleasure to defend this shield, for me the best in the world. Thanks to all my colleagues, I'm going to miss you so much, and the fans, for all the love and respect that you have given me since I arrived, as a child. I'm going with 34 years as a man. You have been a month asking me not to leave and I will take you in my heart forever. Visca the Barca, visca Catalonia and visca Fuentealbilla. ” .

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