Andrés Iniesta and depression: You have a bad time, but in the end you manage to get out of there

Andrés Iniesta y la depresión: Lo pasas mal, pero al final logras salir de ahí

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Andrés Iniesta, ex-midfielder of FC Barcelona and selected from Spain, was honest about the depression that affected him too much during the last season and explained how he fought to overcome that hard illness.

“You feel that you do not enjoy, that the people around you are over, you have no feelings, you are emptying. There is a moment when you say you can not do it anymore and I had the ability to realize that I needed help “, recalled excited Iniesta in the program 'El Hormiguero'

Regarding the process to overcome depression, he commented that” is very slow to get out of there. Psychiatrists, but you have a bad time “he said.

” I remember going to train and having to leave shortly after, go to the movies with my wife and leave before the movie starts … . The important thing is that throughout that period I did not lose the illusion and the force “, he said.

” He always told me 'I do this even if it costs me because I'll have taken another step to get out.' And in the end I left, with the help of the people around me, who also had a very bad time “, concluded the applause.


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