“I would also have worn the yellow ribbon in Spain”

 Pep Guardiola

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    Pep Guardiola, after the presentation of the new Board of Trustees of the Cruyff Foundation

Pep Guardiola has returned to refer to the political news in Catalonia . The coach of Manchester City participated on Wednesday in an act of the Cruyff Foundation, which will be part, after which he attended journalists. One of them asked him if, having trained this season in Spain, he would have also worn the yellow ribbon as a support to imprisoned politicians: “I would have taken it, yes”, he answered without hesitation; “Why could not I take him here if I take him to England?”

“The situation is not easy,” Guardiola added about the political context, “but nothing will be done until the prisoners return to their families. To say, there are people who have been in jail for more than 200 days for asking to vote, for someone to explain it to me, people accused of things they have not done, until we leave this base, the conflict will continue. can solve based on this basis. ”

About his preferences for the Russian World 2018 did not want to get wet:” I have good friends in England, Germany, Spain … ”

Compliments to Real Madrid …

Guardiola, champion of the Champions League with FC Barcelona in 2009 and 2011, also commented the third title followed by Real Madrid. “When you get three Champions in a row, four in five years, they're a spectacular team, it's a very tough and very complicated competition where being in or out depends on a lot of things.”

In his opinion, “the demonstration of [Madrid] “could be seen when the Liverpool (City's executioner in this Champions) managed to tie the final (1-1):” Madrid controls very well these situations of qualifying matches. “[…] ] That is to take off his hat. ”

… and FC Barcelona

Guardiola also spared no praise for his team, the club, whose campaign qualifies as” spectacular “:” When Barça only loses a game in all year, and when everything was done, and wins the Cup for the fourth time in a row, it's been a brutal season. ”

” Barça will remain the best team in the world, win a Champions or do not win it I do not think he loses his DNA, “he added.


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