“There was the Madrid order to attack me and beat me”

 Leo Messi

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    Argentine striker Leo Messi, with his team.

The Argentinean player Leo Messi has granted an interview to the sports newspaper Sport in which he talks about his problems with the Treasury, telling how badly he was through some attacks that he considers orchestrated from the capital of Spain

“I had a difficult year at the time when I had the whole mess with the Treasury, it was hard, I did not get to depression but the way I was attacked , in which they said things about me, about my family, about my dad, about my people … It was hard Especially about Madrid, I felt very attacked I was lucky to have the support of my people from Barcelona, ​​from Catalonia, from journalism here and that made me feel a little calmer, I think it was the order, to attack me, to beat me, to take advantage of the moment of weakness that we were going through what was happening. well because I knew it was from Madrid, “said the '10' of Barcelona and the sel Argentine shoot.

Messi also spoke about the style of Barcelona, ​​ensuring that “the bet for the youth team has been lost a bit, important guys have left and it is rare that it happens in the best club in the world”. On the possible arrival of Antoine Griezmann to Barcelona Rosario said “I do not know if it is a priority, I do agree that to win the Champions League again we have to have the best players. Griezmann is one of them, if the club can bring it, well, I do not know if it's the priority, it's up to the technical secretariat and the coach, I'm just saying that to win the Champions you have to have the best. he is very good! ”


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