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 Sergio Busquets

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    Sergio Busquets, during a training session with the Spanish National Team in Ciudad del Fútbol.

Two years ago, Sergio Busquets discovered with surprise that one of his greatest admirers is a footballer and plays in Saudi Arabia. Abdullah Otayf not only dedicates his goals to FC Barcelona midfielder, but he even withdrew the word to his brother, international player, for not bringing him his shirt when he faced Spain.

Fame Busquets reaches all corners of the planet, even though he has always lived away from the spotlight by his own will. He does not like interviews – although he admits that he is used to it – and watches over his intimacy in small details. His tattoos are written in Arabic and Chinese, a way for only a few people to know what they say. Some messages have been deciphered, like the ink on his arm, dedicated to his grandfather, who took him to football as a child.

He prefers not to talk too much about it, but the fans of football not only owe it to his father. The experience of Carles Busquets goalkeeper in the nineties under Johan Cruyff helped him to realize that being the son of someone famous has its contraindications. Maybe that's why he wants to be called Sergio, without more. This can be read on his shirt and in the calls of Barcelona, ​​who never refer to him by his last name. He considers his two surnames equally important; also that of Loli, his mother.

A fake “plugged in” in La Masia

In the family photo album there are many with him, as a child, on foot with his father before a game. Nobody will be surprised that in his beginnings at La Masia he was called “plugged in”, which he hated. More than one doubts were removed when the Real Madrid wanted to take it, and was ready. Good fault that he had it Sergio Lobera technician of the lower categories of Barcelona who now trains in India. His pulse did not tremble when faced with the occasional manager. The Catalans will always thank him.

Vicente del Bosque said that he would like to reincarnate in him as a footballer, something that is not surprising after having made him not only debut in the National Team, but fixed in his team for South Africa 2010, despite criticism after the defeat in the debut against Switzerland. Now nobody questions that Busquets (sorry, Sergio) is irreplaceable. The road without him would be more difficult.

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