Jordi Alba, a motorcycle without a driver's license

 Jordi Alba

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    Jordi Alba.
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Jordi Alba was the revelation player of Euro 2012, the third conquered by Spain in its history. In the celebration of the title, the official 'speaker' of the team, Pepe Reina baptized him as MotoGP for the speed with which he raises and lowers the left wing.

To the side of Barça, then still in Valencia he likes the nickname, although the engine is not his forte. It does not even have a driver's license, which tends to provoke some jokes in the delivery of cars to the Barça players. In the last one it was his father to pick him up and Gerard Piqué suggested that he be the one to appear in the photograph of the event, instead of his son.

Alba is not bad at jokes either. As a child, along with several classmates, he slipped into the school when it was closed and sealed the main doors with a silicone gun. The next morning there was no class, because nobody was able to open the doors.

In sports he was more disciplined and compliant in all disciplines, but with the ball on his feet or running he was the best. He began playing football for forward and playmaker, both at Atlético Hospitalense and at the Barcelona youth academy. In his first season at La Masia he was chosen to lay the first stone in the works of the new sports city in Sant Joan Despí, accompanied by the then president, Joan Gaspart .

Lateral by stature [19659007] As he turned years, his height did not accompany him and he had to delay his position. Barça even dispensed with it after seven years and ended up in Valencia, where Unai Emery finished modeling: from end to side, always on the left. Barça picked him up in that summer of 2012.

Alba says that after his good performance there is a change in diet, without carbonated drinks or fast food. And is able to sleep up to 15 hours in a day, between night and nap

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