Piqué explains how Griezmann's documentary was created and responds to criticism from Barcelona


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    The central defender of the Spanish national team, Gerard Piqué, against Cristiano.

Gerard Piqué, Spanish international defender, defended himself this Friday from criticism for the production of his company's documentary The decision in which Antoine Griezmann announces that he remains at Atlético from Madrid, and thought it is “very surprising” that he doubts his “commitment” and his “love” for Barcelona, ​​his club and the one that he intended to sign the French striker.

“It's surprising the reaction on the part of all the people of Barcelona, ​​who doubt my commitment and the love I have for this club is very surprising. It is one of my company s, the idea arose months ago that I spoke with Griezmann He told me that there was a possibility that he would go to Barcelona, ​​we recorded it and it was a very good content for people to see how they make an important decision like this from within, “he explained after Portugal-Spain in Sochi. [19659004] “From there, I disconnect.” Obviously, I'm not every day watching what is deciding. The people saw that until the last day he was undecided. They called me yesterday morning and they told me that it was going to be broadcast and I asked them what it does in the end. They told me that he stays and that's how it was “, continued the Spanish international defender.

In that sense Piqué reviewed that he” is not “responsible that during all these months is talking about a player in the press and in the end do not end up coming. “” Barcelona is much bigger than a player, if it does not come, others will come, “he added.

” If he has made the decision , for whatever reason, economic or sporting, Barça is much bigger than a player. I have spoken with the president (Josep María Bartomeu), he has called me and everything is fine. He was screwed because he thought the player would end up coming and nothing else. You have to take iron out of all this. The great players always have the open doors of Barcelona, ​​but they must be willing to come. We have players who are big and important and we are sure that others will come to match the club. ”


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