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In 2012, while playing at FC Barcelona, the French flier Éric Abidal shocked the world by overcoming a tumor in the liver after a transplant, however, six years after that operation, the alleged purchase of that organ on the black market was uncovered.

The scandal erupted because a judge from Barcelona opened a year ago an investigation into the alleged illegal purchase of a liver for Abidal, following the police eavesdropping on Sandro Rosell, the former Blaugrana president who is in preventive detention and will go to trial for crimes of money laundering and criminal organization.

The digital newspaper The confidential revealed on Wednesday that in the police wiretaps to which Rosell was subjected in the context of his investigation for money laundering he is heard talking to a “Juanjo” about “buying an illegal liver” from Abidal, who was transplanted in April 2012 when he relapsed from cancer.

Abidal was submitted on April 10, 2012 at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona to a liver transplant from a living donor, who from the first moment the club and the player assured that it was his cousin.

From the premises they assured that all the legal protocols established for the transplants were followed. Hepatologist surgeons of this public hospital were in charge of both extracting the liver and transplanting it to the former footballer, always following the rules established by the National Transplant Organization (ONT) and the Catalan Transplant Organization (OCATT).

Both entities, charged with ensuring compliance with the protocols of donations and transplants, expressed their position of “zero tolerance” against organ trafficking and confirmed that they will initiate an internal investigation.

For its part, the Éric Abidal Foundation, in its name and that of the player himself, have reported that the entire process was adapted to the established procedures and protocols. “The Éric Abidal Foundation regrets that the integrity of all those involved in the process is questioned, to whom Éric Abidal professes great admiration and enormous gratitude, especially to the donor, his cousin Gerard,” the statement said. .

FC Barcelona has also denied the information of The confidential. “The information disseminated omits a transcendent event such as the file of this case by a court in Barcelona, with date of the 18 of last May, circumstance that harms the honorability of Éric Abidal, of all the organizations related to the transplants, of the FC Barcelona, ​​and of his ex-president Sandro Rosell “, assured the entity in a statement.


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