Research concludes that Abidal transplant was performed in accordance with the law

Investigación concluye que trasplante de Abidal se realizó conforme a la ley

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The National Transplant Organization (ONT) concluded that the living donor liver transplant performed on former FC Barcelona footballer Eric Abidal “was carried out in accordance with the law” and good clinical practice, but announces that, if the case is reopened, it will appear as a private accusation.

The ONT, in collaboration with the Hospital Clinic and the Catalan Transplant Organization (OCATT), reviewed “each and every one of the steps of the process” in the scope of its competences, that is, from the clinical and health point of view.

The National Transplant Organization began an internal investigation earlier this month to review the procedure followed in the donation and subsequent liver transplant to footballer Eric Abidal, an organ he received, he and the club said, from his cousin.

In parallel, the Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia conducted an inspection at the Hospital Clinic, whose final report has not yet been issued.

The ONT found that Abidal was on the waiting list for a deceased donor transplant and that, before the progression of their disease, the medical team considered the option of a live donor liver transplant, which did not exclude the possibility of a deceased donor transplant if a compatible organ had arisen.

It was explained that the identities of donor and recipient, and the relationship between both were checked through documents in the hospital, the first filter that the law contemplates for living donation.

And that, although the legislation does not require that donation between living must occur in the family, upon knowing the relationship of kinship with the donor, it was verified documentally.

“In the Hospital Clinic there is a birth certificate and family book of both the donor and the recipient, from which it is deduced that they are first cousins”, added the ONT.

The donor was subjected to a “rigorous” medical-surgical and psychosocial evaluation, where their reasons for donation and their relationship with the recipient were analyzed.


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