Barcelona Prosecutor's Office asked to reopen investigation for the Abidal transplant

Fiscalía de Barcelona pidió que reabran investigación por el trasplante de Abidal

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The Barcelona Prosecutor's Office requested the judge who reopens the investigation for alleged irregularities in the liver transplant that was practiced in 2012 to former FC Barcelona footballer Eric Abidal and requested several steps in relation to the case.

According to sources from the Public Prosecutor's Office of Barcelona, ​​last week the public prosecutor presented a document before the head of the court of instruction number 28 of Barcelona in which requested that he reopen the investigation for the Abidal transplant, which was filed earlier this year.

The judge decreed the definitive file of the investigation, given that the Prosecutor's Office did not appeal against its decision within the deadliness, as reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

The cause is opened after a few wiretaps to the former president of Barcelona Sandro Rosell, who pointed to an alleged illegal purchase of the liver that was transplanted to Abidal andn April 2012, within the framework of the investigation that has been opened in the National Court for alleged money laundering.


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