Controversy on the flight from Barcelona to the United States, did the girls travel as tourists?

Male and female team Barcelona

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The male and female team of Barcelona before leaving for the United States
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The Barcelona has moved to the United States, specifically to Portland, to play a preseason title: the International Champions Cup. In the expedition he traveled, in addition to the staff of Ernesto Valverde in which he had thirteen soccer players of the subsidiary team, for the first time, the staff of the Women's Barcelona directed by Fran Sánchez.

A trip apparently normal but that has ended up raising some controversy. And is that in the photos uploaded by the team and by the players, it shows how the members of the women's team traveled in tourist seats while Valverde's men did it in business.

The club has posted videos of everyone getting on and off the plane, as well as some members of the first team Sitting in first class, with ample space and television. In none of them does any member of the female team appear, which suggests that, after the initial images in which they all appear mixed, the players went to their seats in the category of tourist.

Something that has been corroborated when several players of the female team have posted photos on the Instagram social network in which you can see how the seat is different and also does not have the same space or have television.

A situation that caused some stir in social networks by not understanding why the female team was traveling in a different category to that of men. .

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