The women's club did not travel in business for “logistics problems” according to the club

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The Barça players shared a flight to the United States, although no class in the cabin.
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He FC Barcelona He organized a joint trip to the United States of his male and female teams. However, while they traveled with all the amenities of the business class, they did it as a tourist. The photos published by players in social networks did not take long to unleash the controversy.

The spokesman for the Board of Directors of Barça, Josep Vives, attributes this inequality to a “logistics problem”: “We did not have in principle to do this mixed tour that is unprecedented, I do not remember other clubs that do what Barça does, that their first male and female team share a tour” , said Thursday in a hearing before the media.

Vives assured that there were not enough business places for everyone. “In the internal flights, hired later, there will be enough seats in 'business' for the male and female teams,” he said. “It is not a minor issue, but strategic, the growth and commitment decided by women's sport and in particular by women's professional football.”

Own flight in the future

Maria Teixidor, Barcelona's manager responsible for the area of ​​Women's Football, added that “Barça travels its players with their players so that, in the near future, they can travel Business on their own flight”.


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