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Eric Abidal in the hospital bed with his cousin
Instagram (Abidal): @ abi22ericabidal

Gérard Armand, cousin of Eric Abidal, has granted an interview to the French newspaper 'La Depeche' in which he says he did not charge “a penny” for the liver transplant that saved the player's life. Asked about the recent request of the Prosecutor's Office to reopen the case, Armand points out that it remains “at your disposal” and that it will respond to “all the questions”.

In what was explained by Abidal's cousin, it was the player's own wife who contacted his family after the disease reappeared in 2012: “They asked the whole family questions, they asked everyone a bit, I think I was the last to be consulted. These steps took place in the first of 2012. ”

According to account, Armand was warned that he belonged “to the same blood groupor that Abidal “, so he traveled to Barcelona to” do a series of tests and analysis “and it was confirmed that he was compatible for the donation.” I remember having signed papers before a judge in Barcelona. All this was transparent

In what refers to a charge by Barca in exchange for the organ, Armand said he did not receive “not a penny“, and that his only motive was” to save a member of my family. “In this sense, Armand does acknowledge that” before the operation we did not have much contact, “a situation that has not changed after the transplant:” We are cousins far enough“he concluded.


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