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Ernesto Valverde, Barcelona coach, during a press conference.

Ernesto Valverde appeared before the media in the American tour of Barcelona, in a press conference in which almost all the questions revolved around the news of the signings.

The coach blaugrana dropped that will lighten enough template, now overpopulated among those who are going to be discarded, those who have risen from Barça B, those who return assignment and new additions. “Until December of last year we had a long staff and we could fix it, there is still a market and time to finish, we'll see how things are going,” he said, although he admitted that he prefers “to have a short template.”

That does not mean that they do not need new players. It is more: Valverde has ensured that there will be additions. “We are likely to make more signings”, predicted, between the prediction and the petition to its leaders. “We are open to any possibility and it is clear that in the middle of the field we had a significant drop (about Paulinho). The players who have come (the only one of that court is Arthur) and the guys from B have a similar profile … “, he said, before promising that they will make the template” more competitive “, despite the important drop in Andrés Iniesta .

The profile Valverde is looking for is clear: “We want a player that fits our style, we need people inside to generate game. And if it has an arrival then it is also good “.

Malcolm does not enter that profile. The Brazilian, Valverde has dropped, has not been a request of his, but a bet of the club. “He's a young player, with a projection, that the club thinks it can help us. Whether he owns or not, will depend on his performance. He had been following him for a long time, “he said about the latest signing from FC Barcelona, ​​the big loser of his arrival could be a Dembélé who meditates leaving Barcelona. Towards him, Valverde has had words of support. “Hopefully it's your season. He has to give us many things. He is an extraordinary player, but he had a past year injured by the injury, and even then he contributed a lot. It is good that there is competition in the squad, “said the ethnrenador.

On the progress of Cristiano Ronaldo and how it can affect the eternal rival, Real Madrid, Valverde believes that the white club “will be an absolute candidate to win everything, like Atlético de Madrid”.


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