Messi returns from his vacation


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Messi, in a match with Barça.

Barcelona has already started its preseason, but still has not all its players. One of the most important, if not the most, that has not yet been placed under the command of Ernesto Valverde for 2018-19 is Leo Messi.

The Argentine has passed uWe have days of rest and rest with his family. The difficult final of Argentina in the World Cup, and especially the criticism that earned him his participation, left very touched in the soul the culé star. Now, his return to Barcelona, ​​to the normality of day to day, will come very well so that he can recover the desire and good football that, with the albiceleste, did not show.

Messi landed this Sunday in Barcelona, coming from Ibiza. Once he arrives at his house, he will go to the Blaugrana facilities, where he will undergo the pertinent medical check-ups to check that everything is in order, that he has not gained too many extra kilos and that he is ready to start working with his companions. If everything goes as planned, it will return to training at the beginning of the week.

The first official commitment that Barcelona has, and in which Messi probably debuts in this new season, will be the Spanish Super Cup that will face Sevilla in Tangier on August 12.


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